The Rap Scholars podcast is an hour-long, monthly podcast exploring contemporary rap music and culture. Hoping to contribute to a new generation of rap criticism, hosts Nasir Marumo and Temar France use podcast as pedagogy, moving between academic and experience-based knowledge. The podcast launched on iTunes in April 2017 and has been promoted by the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago.

Praise for The Rap Scholars

“Like so much great hip-hop, The Rap Scholars podcast is culturally engaged, quick-witted, and trendsetting. It's smart but inclusive, precise but loose, serious but fun. This is an exciting new voice in hip-hop studies."
Dr. Nate Bakkum, Director of The Center for Black Music Research
“Each episode of The Rap Scholars Podcast is more powerful, fun and fascinating than the last. Whether you're obsessively listening to Cardi B, or wading through the layered discourse around trap music, The Rap Scholars are here for you!”
John Arvanitis, Take Magazine