temar france

nasir marumo

Nasir Marumo is a “rap-ademic” from New Orleans, Louisiana and doctoral student in Africana Studies at Brown University. Nasir’s research investigates how black youth navigate radical ways of being through constructions of “baad” personas and he examines these performances as complex negotiations of empowered blackness. Nasir’s work offers theories of refusal to the social order and thinks through different iterations of this idiom such as badness, social outlawry, rebellion, and revenge as articulated through the musical genres of gangster rap and Jamaican dancehall.

Nasir is also a novice deejay/soundbwoy mixing under the name Lucian Go OFF! You can find over 60 spotify playlists here.  

Temar France is a filmmaker and photographer studying black women’s cultural productions. A recent  2017 – 2018 Kahn Fellow, she took part in the war project. Her work in the digital humanities engages research that explores, race, gender, sexuality, and erotic visual culture. Her recent film Analog Erotic is a curated visual essay through black women’s erotic history in print publications from the 1990’s to the present.

Temar is also co-host of the Marginalia Podcast, where she discusses Womanism, Sex Work and the everyday lives of black women.